Sunday, November 22, 2009

craft fair outing & star trek : )

my mom & i went to a craft fair in the valley today. the trip was pretty because of all the vineyards & everything looked like fall! these photos were taken with my phone so they aren't very good (plus the top one was from a moving car)! i bought this lavender sachet. it smells so good!i watched star trek last night : ) sooo good!! when i was little, i grew up watching mister roger's neighborhood & star trek: the next generation as well as the original star trek. so it was really neat to see all of the characters when they were "young" & how they all met. i loved every second of it : )

some replies:

amy: yes! i have a bichon mom (jubilee) & her four puppies : )

linda: it was coffee ice cream. so yummy!

mae: why thank you! it was a tad difficult sometimes.

kait: yes! i wish i was good at sewing : )

brit: it was a wonderful birthday!


  1. Awww. I love bichons so much. lol.

    I was introduced to Star Trek by one of my best friends in grade school. I would go to her house and we'd watch Star Trek and play Pokemon. I can't wait to see the movie... Star Trek+Zarchary Quinto+Anton Yelchon=Perfect.

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINA! Sounds like you had a wonderful one, yay. :)

    That countryside looks pretty! How cute is Spock, haha? Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!

  3. Omg, wasn't Star trek AMAZING? Ahh I loved it, as you know I also grew up with it and it was so fun, I bought it :P

  4. oh my! yann tiersen comptine d'un autre ete is my favourite piano song ever, i heard it when i was in italy and it makes my heart melt every time, i could never remember the name of it, but now i can! :)

  5. Hmm.... Maybe I should give it a shot after all (Star trek I mean)! I've seen that it's getting incredible reviews....
    Linda - Lost in Switzerland

  6. yay for star trek!
    yay i am glad your present got to you, sorry if it was late! :)
    i have sent you a normal reply/letter/package too. :)
    hope you are wonderful!! xx