Thursday, November 12, 2009

birthday planning & gifts

my birthday is this saturday! i don't really have any plans, but i wanted to decorate my house for it. so, i am making a triangle flag banner. i'm kinda excited about it & i'll let you know how it turns out! i also want to make paper chains & string white lights everywhere : )

my cousin wendy just went home today after a short two-day visit. we went thrifting & took polaroid pictures. she gave me an early birthday gift! it is this vintage purse which had all kinds of vintage surprises inside. & she made the card & envelope!

these buttons are my favorite! they are old metal buttons with little scenes. it's kind of hard to see them but i think if you click on the photo it should get big.

since i have a little extra time, i'm going to reply to comments today!

sarah: yes! i didn't even make the connection until another blogger said something similar!

lemon: why thank you! it does sound perfect doesn't it? i'm enjoying every minute.

ben zen: hello! yes you should, the ones i had tasted perfect.

penelope: awe, well i think the puppies are definite winners : )

kait: hehe, he is pretty neat : ). oh i cannot function correctly without my 8 hours!

mae: oh i am so glad you like them! i try to pick my favorites that kind of go with my blog. your comment is so flattering! thanks : )


  1. I'm making buntings too! It's so nice to receive lovely presents!

  2. Awww, I'm super happy you like your gifts so much! I was so hoping you would :-) Oh and take pictures of your house! I wish I could be there on your birthday. (kiss the puppies for me!)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a great day. Love the bunting.

  4. how fun! happy birthday and enjoy decorating!

    i love that owl button!

  5. those buttons are super cute. i didnt know such things existed.

  6. OH YOUR BUNTING LOOKS AMAZING! i really need to learn how to make some for my room. ah and such amazing presents! how lovely.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!!
    ps, that key is simply FAB! :) xxxx

  7. your blog is adorable :) i love the fabric you chose for your bunting! i hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with lots of fun. thanks for letting us play with your super cute puppies!!!

  8. you've been left an award on my blog :)

  9. Happy Birthday!!! :)
    Those buttons are elegant and beautiful !!!
    Love your photos!
    Best Wishes