Tuesday, May 25, 2010

being lazy

i really want to do some sewing projects soon! but i can't decide what to create... any ideas??

graduation was amazing! it's really strange that i am finished. but i am straight off to grad school at the end of august, so it doesn't really feel like i am.
tori gave me this fawn as part of a graduation gift : ) i am so happy to have it. it is the new addition to my fawn collection!i've been pretty lazy the past few days. yesterday i spent most of the afternoon laying in my backyard on a quilt & reading looking for alaska. i fell asleep in the warm sun, so i didn't get very far in the book... :]

oh & that's the other thing, the weather has been really strange lately. for example, yesterday was nice & sunny. but then today it has been raining almost all day. raining! in may (almost june!)! crazy.i just picked up more movies from the library to see: an education, how to be, the prestige, and lost in austen. can't wait to see them!

i got a package in the mail from wendy! she sent me some cute bunting socks, stickers, candy, photos, & art. she drew my sister & i. i think it really looks like us! haha. & the photos were of me when i was a baby with my parents. cute stuff. thanks wendy!to everyone: thanks for the flattering comments on the photos! elizabeth is a great photographer.


  1. Sounds like a lovely afternoon, I kind of want it to be warm now haha. It's bloody cold here....Oooh, An Education is such a good movie! Love that picture of you, it's super neat :) Hehe, my package does rock doesn't it? :P

  2. Mmmm! Those stickers seem to be from Japanese rich candy boxes. Yum!

  3. t-shirt recon is always fun... but i guess that's not really a legit sewing project - more cutting than sewing involved.

  4. congrats for graduating!:)

  5. you're allowed to be lazy, it sounded like life was busy and hectic for a while there!
    Some sewing projects: buy a dress pattern! oh and me and my work colleague both love this girl. http://newdressaday.wordpress.com/
    she's inspiring!

    oh and you are so gorgeous!

  6. Sew something you can use! Well, that's what I'd do if I find time to sew :)

  7. enjoy chilling out and not doing much! :)
    you look so cute in the photo. lovely little new fawn!
    those socks are super amazing! :)

  8. I absolutely loved an education..! Carey Mulligan is such a cute/sweet actor!

  9. good small sewing projects are little coin purses/pouches for small items you don't want loose in your bag. they're super simple, and you can use different fabrics and applique if you want :)

    the prestige is wonderful! i love that movie (and not just because david bowie's in it). i've got the novel it was based on sitting on my "to-read" shelf. i can't wait to start it.