Friday, May 11, 2012

the past week or so...

miguel & i had such a lovely time together with a picnic lunch after watching five year engagement (funny btw & cute : )) & playing tennis afterwards (or rather attempting to play tennis on my part).

my mother's birthday was on thursday & i went to visit her for it. we had a beautiful breakfast outside on the patio. i loved using my pretty plates for it. i think it turned out quite lovely.


  1. I just checked out five year engagement and it's so cute.
    It also brings me the times when I was planning my wedding last year!!!!
    It was so stressful but I loved the wedding :D :D :D
    Happy belated to your mom :)
    Have a good weekend, lina!

    1. thanks jane! i'll let my mom know you said happy birthday : )
      i really love weddings & everything that goes into them - except the stress! haha. i bet your wedding was wonderful! or rather, all of your weddings! hehe :D

  2. Aww, I've always wanted to go on a picnic. It looks like you had a good time!

    He plays tennis? He's a keeper. ;)

    I hope you're well. <3

    1. oh my goodness lizzie, go on a picnic!! seriously. it is so very relaxing.
      & hehe : ) he is rather neat isn't he? i may just keep him around ;)