Sunday, December 28, 2008

sick in bed

i'm sick in bed today with a sore throat & headache. i had some nice peppermint tea & an onion bagel this morning & for lunch my mom is making me some soup. i love being babied at home sometimes now that i live away from home most days of the week.

since i've had some time on my hands today, i've found some really neat moleskine art. i have a moleskine & write in it almost daily, but im not sure if i could do something so creative! you can check them all out here. & here are some of my favorites:

by anna rusakova

by l filipe dos santos

by mattiasa

by cecĂ­lia murgel

by donna wilson


  1. Haha you got Esmee! You do seem like an Esmee though, but that's a good thing. I wanna take that quiz and see who I get. By the way I love the art that is always on your blogs. So lovely! I haven't blogged yet but I will sometime soon.

  2. These are pretty awesome. Loveit. :)