Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy 09!

wow. well, i just got back from a very spontaneous trip to visit this gal out of state. it was super fun & she took me to amazing thrift stores in her woods. way too much fun.

new years was simple & quiet. i didn't really feel like going out or anything. so we just stayed in & watched a movie & ate ice cream cake:]

on the way home i got to stop at ikea to stock up on all those new year sales. i bought a set of colorful scissors $1.99, a set of bowls (pink & blue) to match ones i already bought $1.99, & a cute little red & orange felt bear $0.47. what great deals! you might be able to see them below (when i got home, i just threw everything on my bed & thought it looked cool so i took a picture :D). after i unpacked, i enjoyed a delicious piece of italian panettone bread & a cold glass of soy milk. it feels good to be back home.

happy new year to all of you!

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  1. i took that quiz and got alice (: happy new year! what is fatal deduction about? i'm finally done with breaking dawn and now i have no book to read