Tuesday, January 27, 2009

small happenings

today is day 2 of the spring semester. most of my classes so far are pretty exciting. they are all sociology classes as that is my major:]

my mom went with me to move me back into my house. we stopped at a thrift store (she loves thrifting too!) i got a fish bowl for $0.99 & i am hoping to get a fish for it in my house! what should i call my new fish? i ride the bus everywhere i go because i don't drive. there are good things & bad things about riding the bus. i like that it is very eco-friendly & cheap (i ride for free with my student id). also i am a people watcher & the bus is the perfect place to do that. but on the other side, it takes twice as long to get anywheres & i don't like waiting around at transfer stations because the bus is usually late:[
last night i was woken up at 4 am by the sound of dripping water. i realized that my drinking water cup was tipped over & water was soaking the things on my nightstand! i rushed to get towels & dry everything up. some of my poor books got wet & i left them to dry on the heater vent after i opened up the pages.

i'll try to keep you posted on the next small happenings in my life.


  1. Oh yay get a fish! Be ironic and name it after your fave sociological theorist!! xx

  2. Hmmmm...what shall you name your fish? My very first fish was named Darryl, and so was the next one, and the next one. LOL

    I'm jealous that you get to ride the bus. I live too far out, but I hate to drive.

  3. Hey, I just got a fish last week! Couldn't decide what to call it so now I'm just calling it Fish! I'vll post some pictures soon.