Saturday, January 31, 2009

new shoes

don't you just love good surprises? i say good surprises because there are some bad surprises out there. well, today my mom found two pairs of shoes she bought in the early 80s. they had been packed away who knows where. anyways, (here comes the surprise part) she gave them to me! i use to have fairly large sized feet (usa size 10 in women's), but over the past two years they seem to have been shrinking & are now about an usa 8 1/2 in women's, so now i can actually fit these shoes. that just made my day:]


  1. they look so comfy!
    i love it when family members find their old things, i can even count the amount of times i have brought something home from a vintage shop and my mum tells me she used to have something exactly the same... but she threw it out!

  2. Those are really cool shoes!

    Have fun wearing them.

  3. Omigoodness Lina! I just LOVE them :) So cute, and so you! Ily *Blows kiss*