Saturday, January 10, 2009


this is a poem that i read a long time ago in elementary school. i can't seem to find the author to it. does anyone know who wrote it? thanks & enjoy:]

Saturday night
Dad washed, I dried
the supper dishes
while Mom armed herself
for Early Bird bingo at seven
in the church basement:
her lucky piece
(a smooth quarter she’d won the first time out),
seat cushion,
and a White Owls box of pink plastic markers.
Dad read the paper
watched TV with me
until Mom returned,
announcing her triumph with a door slam
and a shout
“I was hot!”
Flinging her hat,
twirling out of her jacket,
she pulled dollar bills
from her pockets
before setting them free
to flutter like fat spring snow.
“Ninety-two dollars!” she squealed
as Dad hugged her off the floor.
“Ninety-two dollars!”
In bed I listened to
mumbled voices
planning to spend the money-
on groceries
school clothes
A leaky radiator-
and wished she’d buy
a shiny red dress
long white gloves
and clickety-click high heels.

& for atc info, check the comments section of my arts & crafts post.

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  1. auw that was cute. that makes me want to find my favorite childhood poetries that i had to recite when i was in elementary, it'll bring back so many memories