Wednesday, December 24, 2008

making christmas

it has been raining a lot lately. i love the rain. especially when it pitter-pats on my window:

this year, my family almost didn't have a chrismas tree or any decorations. we keep all of our christmas decorations in the attic, and since we just finished remodeling the house, we had many boxes in front of the way to get to the attic (through my closet).

so, our lovely friends, let us borrow one of their fake trees and lights. but, we still needed some ornaments. the blog kiddet gave me the idea of using paper cranes as ornaments! so that's what i did. i think they turned out lovely:then we used a beautiful red tablecloth for a tree skirt & some novelties around the house as ornaments too. i even found this vintage ornament in a thrift store fee box:
since we weren't feeling much in the christmas mood before we had a tree, my papi took us to a house full of lights. it even had a mini ferris wheel!
i hope you & your family a lovely holiday!

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