Sunday, December 21, 2008

first day of winter

well, today is the first official day of winter! i know that many of us will be going out to parties around this time, whether it be for christmas or new year's, & i found this list of holiday conversation starters i thought i would share. (they are more for the reader's enjoyment, so use them at your own risk!)
  • what do i look like upside down? say this when you have nothing left to say.
  • how long have you been owned by a cat? say this to someone covered in cat fur.
  • what's that floating in your eggnog? say this to someone after you discreetly drop a little bit of cookie crumb in their eggnog.
  • are you double-jointed? if they answer yes, ask them to demonstrate for you.
  • what's your favorite holiday color? everyone usually says red or green, pink is way better.
  • can i wear your sweater? say this to someone wearing a nicer sweater than you.
  • when's the last time you were spit up on by a baby? say this when your squishy baby needs to be burped.
  • why aren't you wearing those earmuffs i gave you last year? come on, you want to know right?

all ideas courtesy of old navy.

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