Friday, February 12, 2010


i received three surprises this week. they all came in the mail. boy do i love getting mail! three lovely bloggers sent me fun-filled packages.pauline of perfectly placed pauline sent me this amazing package of granny squares, foreign stamps, & other crocheted things. i was so happy when i saw the lovely squares. thank you so much pauline!wendy of raindrops on roses sent me a letter with all kinds of goodies. handmade envelopes, artwork, & cupcake stickers were a few of the things included. i thought it was quite cute : ) thanks wendy!kait of wild tendency sent me a fantastic surprise! it was so thoughtful & i am so flattered. she handmade things especially for me & made it so personal. & it was so lovely wrapped! thank you kait : )

blogger friends are truly a gift. i am so honored to know you all, even if it is just through cyberspace : )


dandelionkisses: haha. you are so talented wendy : )

jessica: thank you! yes, you must take loads of photos in college!


  1. Hurrah what lovely gifts you've received ! Yessire mail is thee best ! I sure enjoy our mail ! Hehe ! x

  2. Oh my! Such amazing goodies! Aw I just love them all. My package looks so good online, haha I felt I was sending so little.

  3. Hooray for snail mail. Speaking of which I got your lovely gift this afternoon :)

    The pennant banner is hanging in my room now, and I absolutely love the card!