Thursday, February 11, 2010

in the library

i'm sorry i haven't been posting! i guess i've just been pretty busy. school has been relatively simple, which is good.

these photos were taken in my university's library. i was studying there today. you can see my book bag in the second photo. it's from the fair trade store world of good.

i made two other blueberry recipes: vegan blueberry grunts & blueberry oat cookies. the blueberry grunts were really easy to make & pretty good! & the cookies were yummy & reminded me of oatmeal raisin cookies but with blueberries instead of raisins.

thanks to wendy for this lovely award!

i'll have a more interesting post soon! hopefully tomorrow. i got some surprises to show : )


amy: thanks again for steve : ) he's traveling around my room, trying to find the perfect place to call home. we both have a great love for zq :] oh but i do like milo too.... cute mom story!

nowhereinparticular: yes! super good.

dandelionkisses: they are amazing! hahaha your so funny wendy! oh yes, i thought you would be proud of me for doing them vegan : ) i'm glad you liked your package! i got yours yesterday! i'll be blogging about it tomorrow (part of the surprise!). you take the photos yourself?! wow! pretty awesome!

mette/ungt blod: oh no! well, you can just find your own blueberry muffin recipe that is just as good : )

cookie cutter: haha. they were pretty stomach-growling good!

my-my: they were super yummy. i love blogger friends!

inside the cabinet of wonder: oh yes, isn't he?! i love steve! oooo, what are rock cakes?? & don't worry about here--and--there, i need to do it too.... :o)

linda: hehe. me too!

tinypaperheart: hello! they really were!

penelope: ooo! blueberry bagels! i've never made any kind of bagel before. i should try it though! good idea, thanks : ) i would be flattered to receive mail from you! i guess i'll email you? or i'll comment with my email address...oh, we'll figure it out :o)

hearblack: they were definitely super good : )


  1. Lol, aw you're so sweet. Vegan recipes rock! Haha. Oh you got it? Goodie :) Yeah I do, but it takes a lot of tries to get a few good ones, I'm sure no expert of taking photos of myself!

  2. i like your pictures! (:
    this is what i want to do when i attend college -- picture timee~ lol