Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy weekend

this weekend was full of good things! first my sister raquel came to visit. she & tristan just left this morning on a road trip. they packed a bunch of things to go on lots of picnics : )i'm going to miss her, but i'm glad she came for a little visit.before she left though, we went to see valentine's day in the theater with our guys. it was cute & i was laughing a lot.

by the way.... happy valentine's day!! i hope its fun & lovely.

the olympics started this weekend too!! i am such a big fan of the olympics. i'm so excited!

&& here is the BIG NEWS!


this morning i got a notification that i was accepted to the graduate program i applied to! i'm so happy! i'm going to celebrate chinatown to celebrate today!

happy year of the tiger everyone!


jennifer: i know. i absolutely love mail : )

dandelionkisses: hehe. i like how it looks too. & you sent just enough : )

amy: oh good!! yay. i'm so glad you like it!


  1. Yay! congratulations! that is such a gooooood feeling! first i got rejected and then i got in. i was so relieved! hope it will be fun!

  2. Jeeej congrats!!!

    You and your sister are so cute together. You guys really look alike!

  3. Happy Year of the Tiger! I love Chinese New Years. There's a festival nearby and we try to go every year... this year we didn't make it, but that's okay.

    Congrats on your acceptance! How exciting!

  4. lina, lina, lina. thank you for my package! it was just what i needed to cheer me up when i was ill. i am replying straight away. :)
    yay for sister time! i hope you had lots of fun...and guys?? hmmm...i think i need to get the info on this! my letter seems a little late! hehe.
    and congrats again!!!---YAY! :D

  5. I've been a lame blogger lately but I'm glad to see you're package arrived! I loved making it for you : )

    Congrats on your acceptance. You are going to take the world by storm Lina!