Saturday, February 27, 2010

bicycle & basket

one thing i really want this spring is a bicycle with a basket, sort of like this one. i believe i found this old photograph when i was visiting wendy. it was a nice addition to my collection. i hope everyone has a nice weekend! i have to catch up on my olympic watching.


dandelionkisses: oh i loved where we went for the funeral. everywhere there were so many mustard flowers in bloom!

amy: woa! 5:30?? me-oh-my. let me know if you liked away we go!

jordan williams: no problem : )

sarah: hello! thank you : ) i rather liked how the post turned out too.

alaina: hello! oh yes, the young victoria looks super good! & i haven't seen mrs. palfrey at the claremont. thanks for the recommendation!

pauline: i was expecting away we go to be good, but not this amazing! & i was cracking up with maggie's part. she played it very well!

brit: oh you saw the young victoria?? nice! & i would love to participate in your art exchange! i'll e-mail you i suppose.

thy lady: thanks : ) i'm so glad you are back to blogging!

danica: aw. thank you!


  1. Oh me too! That has been on my wish list for the last two Springs haha.

  2. Hehe awh you will be swell when you get your very own ladies bicycle with an oh so pretty basket! My father just gave me a new metal basket to put on my bicycle whenever I want to change it around with my straw basket! *fingers crossed* you'll get one very soon, don't worry! I was wishing & wishing to have my own 80's ladies bicycle & my wish came true on Christmas! Hurrah! Get one soon & join ze bicycle crew hehe :P (My next post will feature ze new basket! eep!)


    P.S. I'm so happy to be blogging again too - YAY! x

  3. P.P.S. It'll be on my next blog post btw hehe ! x

  4. You're right, my new header really reminds of your! I had no idea, I will change the colour:)

    I've been looking for a wooden(rattan?) basket for my bike for a long time now..all I can find is the plastic ones grr.. Hope your wish comes true:)

  5. oh love bycicle baskets. have a fixation on that too!