Tuesday, January 31, 2012

lina in europe part 2: first meetings

meeting nicola at the airport was so surreal. there was a certain celebrity feel to it. that's the best i could describe it. us bloggers read each others' blogs & feel like we know each other - which we do, of course, to a certain extent. but actually meeting face-to-face is completely surreal. nicola & i kept looking at each other thinking & saying "this is really weird" : ) above is the first photo we took together!
riding the tube is quite neat. i love people watching... : ) this ad sign was cute i thought.

nicola's family was so very wonderful! they welcomed me with a cup of warm tea & specifically bought vegetarian food : ) it was amazing. & her family was so very sweet. nicola's sister, victoria, even let me stay in her room for the whole time while she slept somewhere else.
this is me (straight from the airport) enjoying my first (of many!!) cup of tea : )

once i got settled in, nicola & i got busy planning our time together. i loved all the little notes nicola wrote out in planning. i even brought my british issue nylon magazine with highlighted places i wanted to go. i knew it was going to be an amazing two weeks.

alexia: i'm not sure what happened to your comment on my blog. i think it got deleted somehow or something. but haha! i loved that you thought my trip would end like a movie. that is cute : ) made me smile.

brynna: yes, you really must take a plane trip somewhere! i LOVE flying. from going to the airport & people watching to eating at the overpriced little restaurants inside the airport, to taking off into the air to enjoying the amenities offered on the plane. i just really like it : )

lizzie: isn't the salt & pepper just adorable?? & how can salt & pepper be adorable? i don't know, but they are. & yes, i love the perspective that photos from the air give.

bookish.spazz & mayte michelle: don't they? the food boxes came & i was like, "oh dear. i seriously have to take photos of these"


  1. oh my goodness, this is so exciting!!....and i know what happens! <3
    loving these posts! and you! :D

  2. I love that you're doing this in little detailed parts. <3

  3. Ohmygosh. I read both your blogs, and that's really cool that you guys got to meet up!

  4. I love these little posts so much. You definitely do a much better job recapping trips than I have in the past, haha. :)

    I'm just really excited to meet everyone and have that surreal moment happen. Pretty sure our heads are going to explode.

  5. Hey that's fun, and all your pics are amazing...
    I like your blog very much...

  6. Eeep! Everything is so neat, I'm so happy you guys met!

    I love these little posts. It's like a happy series of awesome adventues!

  7. I write when I plan too!
    TUBE!!! It's tube in England!!!
    I remember!!! :D :D :D
    Can't wait to see more pictures!!!