Tuesday, March 26, 2013

a day at the zoo

miguel & i went to the zoo last week : ) it was so fun! miguel was really excited hehe. 
 the red panda was really cute, but i didn't get a really good photo of it...
 the red panda exhibit was nicely decorated.

 miguel was being silly ;) trying to hold the lion's head.
 miguel bought us dip & dots. it was so good! i forgot how much i liked dip & dots...

 miguel spent about an hour at the gift shop, trying to find the perfect gifts for his nieces & little brother ;) so cute!
 miguel & i have decided to take advantage of the city where we both go to school & go to the different museums, art galleries, & other places the city offers. the zoo was our first stop!


  1. ahhh these are so cool Lina! I love day trips with the boyfriend and I lovee the zoo.

  2. This looks so much fun!!! I've been wanting to go to DC but I don't wanna go on the weekends because it's so crowded. I get off at 5pm on the weekdays so I can't go to the zoo on the weekdays!!! :p

    1. it was so much fun! well, you should definitely make a day of it : ) especially when the little one comes & is a little bit older! ;)