Monday, October 29, 2012

lunch, thrifting, & costumes

october is almost over! crazy how fast time goes. i've been super busy working two jobs. but i've had some time to squeeze in for myself too : ) i had a nice & spontaneous lunch with the lovely lizzie. don't you just love her hair?? we went thrifting & i found two blue glass bottles for 75 cents each. i loved the color & i knew that miguel would like them too (his favorite color is blue). i got them with future home decorating in mind ;) i told them about them & he wants each of us to keep one.
the wedding i went to was quite lovely. below is what i wore. a floral vintage dress & j crew cardigan with a sweater clip i made. at the wedding, they had an awesome photobooth set up! my mom & i took photos. it gave me the idea to create a few photobooths at the party i'm planning for my twenty-fifth birthday next month! i'm really excited about it. diy!
miguel & i were invited to a costume party my friend was having last weekend. after working all day, miguel drove the hour to my house & surprised me to go to the party together! what a sweetheart. we dressed up as a 1950s couple. me in my vintage dress & him in his white t & black jacket & jeans. we had a wonderful time.
i'll leave you with this rather long trailer of this movie that looks really interesting! i kept seeing the short trailer on tv & thought it looked worth checking out, but didn't really get what it was about. after watching this trailer though, i definitely want to see it. take 6 minutes, & watch this spectacular trailer. after watching it, i was wanting more.


  1. Lina, your costumes are adorable! And what a pretty dress for a wedding! I haven't been to a wedding with a photobooth, but it seems like such an awesome idea! I'm glad you're finding time for your self with the two jobs and everything!
    Also, yes! Her hair rocks!

    1. aww thank you! i love finding & wearing vintage dresses. i'm excited for the photobooths i'll be having at my birthday party this week!