Sunday, September 9, 2012

busy weeks

 i've been so behind in my blogging that i decided to make this one post to encompass some of what has been going on in my life. last month i decided that i wanted to get back into writing letters & sending packages. so i contacted jane & asked if she would like to exchange packages & she agreed! i got an amazing package from her:
 she sewed this little zipper pouch out of a toms flag!

 she designs cute graphics & she sent me two cards she designed! i want to send this one to miguel...shh! ;)
 in other news, my sister turned 21 last month & i flew to visit her for a week. we did so many things: whale watching (& dolphin sightings! see below), the spa (i got a facial for the first time & it was so relaxing), & a sunset cruise.
 we also visited the humane society & played with all the kittens! it was two hours of pure glee.
 i'll be teaching my arts & crafts project this year again to school kids. lizzie & i had fun making this flyer together. no one has signed up though...but i hope they do! we have a lot of fun things planned.
 lastly, i thought it was so cute that most of you who entered the giveaway said you wanted more miguel ;) i do too...haha! i was trying to not be one of those girls who blogs only about their boyfriend (even though it's hard not to!), but since you don't mind me blogging about him, i'll keep that in mind : )
here we are, one day after our seven month anniversary!


  1. Cuties!

    And I love the stuff that Jane sent you! So awesome!

  2. hi lina!
    aw such cute package gifts! so kawaii! :) hehe.
    you and miguel are SO cute together! gotta have a double date sometime! lol.