Saturday, November 2, 2013

spontaneous day trip

 hey! hi! hiiii. wow i've been gone way too long. i don't have any excuses for not blogging. i just haven't been in the mood for it lately. the blog break is over now though (let's hope!) because it is my birthday month (& among other reasons)!

miguel's last class for the day was cancelled on halloween, so we took advantage of this blessing & took a spontaneous day trip to a cute town about an hour & a half away. i used to go to this town often when i was younger & wanted to show him a historical house that i loved looking at & exploring back in the day. this was our second trip to this town together (here was our first!), so it was fun to go back for another adventure.


  1. What a fun adventure! Yay Birthday month!

  2. I'm sorry but you guys are just both so good looking. That's so nice that you had the day to spend embarking on another mini adventure together. :)

    1. oh gosh thank you natalie! i'm blushing over here! love me some mini adventures!

  3. Love the spontaneous adventureness that you both had! :)