Sunday, April 6, 2014

crafting in april

i've been crafting a lot lately. i'll be selling my totes & lavender sachets (that i use to sell in my shop) at a local art walk on friday & have been adding to my inventory with melissa (who will be selling her bows!) during our sewing days.we will be sharing a booth/table. i'm excited just to see how it goes!

i've also been working on the crafting zine a bit, gathering inspiration from other crafting zines & confirming a contributor as well! i spent this morning at panera bread while miguel was at work, adding things to my zine & creating qr codes, etc. i can't wait until i finish with it & start assembling it.

just one more week until i leave to thailand! i won't be coming back until the last day of this month. it's going to be a great experience & i'm excited to see my sister.

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