Tuesday, June 24, 2014

beach camping

 miguel & i went on a camping trip for a night. on sunday, we borrowed my mom's 9 person tent, packed up my car, & headed out. we decided to try camping at the beach. it was a first time experience for both of us, & boy was it an adventure!

we stopped for lunch at the tide's snack bar in bodega bay, a nice little place that was made famous by being used as the backdrop for alfred hitchcock's the birds in the early 60s. in comparison to the other places in that area, the food was pretty cheap. i got a veggie burger & fries for about $7 & miguel decided on calamari for about $9. i loved the big windows & the pretty white tables & wood overhead. every seat had a view of the bay.

 when it was time to check into our campsite, we arrived & got our first choice in campsites which was great. we got a site with a view of the ocean. we had a little difficulty pitching into the sand & had to move our tent closer to the trees as a shelter from the wind.
 even miles away from home, miguel had to keep up with the world cup. we were lucky to have service where we were.
 for dinner we had veggie dogs in buns & with crescent roll blankets. i brought my 79cent ikea dish towel as a mini table cloth & we drank water from mason jars. i thought it was pretty cute haha.

 after dinner we visited the beach & were in awe that we were luck enough to be experiencing it all.

that night was another adventure all in it's own...

it was a bit colder than either of us were expecting (even after checking & double checking weather reports), so we were bundled up under the covers, trying to get warm enough to fall asleep. i fell asleep with little problem, miguel on the other hand was not as fortunate & was battling a hard ground too. at about 12:40 i was awoken by miguel hitting the side of the tent. i said "what are you doing?!" "i think there's something out there! i think they are getting into the food! i'm trying to scare them away. i haven't gone to sleep yet!" so i look outside & sure enough i see our cooler's lid open. i go outside to find all of the eggs we packed for breakfast broken across the picnic table. i took my keys  & put the ice chest in the car - something we should have done from the beginning.

it was a long night. i woke up a few more times & miguel probably only got a couple of hours of sleep in total. so we were both hungry in the morning. with the eggs gone & discovering that the onions & hot dogs were opened also, all we had left for breakfast was potatoes & cheese. we attempted a aluminum foil meal & while the idea was great, it was left a little too long with the coals & was mostly burnt. so we packed up camp & headed out for more food.

even though we had these crazy adventures, we both had a great time.

while we were getting ready to leave, miguel was googling two person tents (well, two person plus a dog) ;)


  1. That sounds like such a great adventure! Or maybe a semi-misadventure with the ravenous wild beasts attacking your food supply, but still, that goes in my book as all part of the camping experience. Not that I have done such a thing beyond being out in my friend's backyards 10 feet from their house. It looks so gorgeous there! And now I want crescent rolls...

    1. haha! "ravenous wild beasts" lol i can totally see you saying that!

      go camping this summer, natalie!

  2. One day when I move back to the coast, I hope to do something like this. :)

    Sorry your adventure was riddled with some crazy happenstances but overall it seems like you had a good time.

    1. you used to live by the coast? : ) where?

  3. I can't remember a camping trip that went according to plan, so it sounds like maybe that's just the camping experience!

    1. that's so true! haha i remember last time miguel & i went camping, i forgot the pot to boil water for oatmeal in the morning - so we went out for breakfast then too : )