Wednesday, December 4, 2013


my thanksgiving was quite good. i had three thanksgiving meals total: one at home with my parents & uncle who lives with us, one at my aunt & uncles house with many of my cousins & their kids, & one with my cousin wendy's family. it was quite a busy few days!

i made my very first pumpkin pie. everyone liked it but me, haha. my uncle & aunt fixed us a fabulous feast. the turkey was huge! i was glad i was able to spend some quality time with my "nephews" : )

it was really nice to see wendy! she & her boyfriend got a cute little place & she's having fun decorating it.

i got to go to my favorite local restaurant while visiting wendy. the dishes are so delicious & go with the amazing decor. very blogger worthy, but the lighting wasn't the greatest for photos :( anyways, the tomato soup is one of the best i've had.
the next pair of photos are a little embarrassing being bathroom selfies, but i wanted to show you two things. i wore my hair in two braids one day. when i was younger, i would wear my hair in braids almost every day. also, i just bought an amazing herringbone coat from my black friday shopping, only $35.

before leaving to go home, wendy took me to her local coffee shop hangout.
i was so excited to get my first latte art! the latte was amazing. i'm definitely going back there next time i visit!
overall, i was so thankful to spend thanksgiving with basically all of my family on both sides of my family. i'm blessed to live close enough to both.


  1. That coat looks great! So does that coffee... Looks like you had a lot of fun family time

    1. thanks dillon! i'm glad you & your fashion self like my new coat!