Saturday, December 7, 2013


it has been so cold lately! like a lot colder than usual. also, it hasn't been easy dealing with the cold (i don't know how those of you who deal with this kind of cold every year do it!? i'm a born & raised california girl!) i needed to buy a new coat this year & was going a few days without one - not a good idea (maybe that is why i have this cold i can't get rid of).

i came back from visiting miguel yesterday & while i was there, he turned on the heater for the first time (trying to conserve as much as possible!) & it didn't work! so, the landlady gave us a portable heater until the heater could be fixed. & boy did that tiny little heater work well! it warmed the place up in no time & we were so grateful for the warmth. we stayed indoors most of the time, but we ended up going out for some nice hot ramen at our favorite spot. it was definitely worth getting bundled up for.

i love this time of year because getting cozy & cuddly is just second nature.

to help stay warm, i made some apple cider today. the recipe is really easy & has great flavor! i also made some low-carb cookies for my dad who is on a special diet for his diabetes. he also just had foot surgery, so i've been trying to do a few extra things for him since he's been bummed he can't get around on his own.

i'll leave you with a few notes/links:

  • i would love to get this glass cabinet to store my vintage camera collection.
  • i've been needing a business card holder to store my cards in & i think this one would be perfect.
  • if you have to buy a christmas gift for one who loves to cook in your life, this would be the gift to give.
  • i love peonies, but they are always too expensive & only in season for a few months (miguel is always calling florists for peonies for me ;)). these flowers are a cheaper alternative!
  • migue is always talking about how he will make furniture for our home, so i think this would be a good place to start. 
that's all for now! i'll be drinking my apple cider & watching the day the earth stood still with my dad. stay warm!


  1. A lot of my friends got business cards when they got into grad school - did any of your friends do that? For networking?

    I love your life with Miguel. It's so sweet!

    And thanks for the link about the cheaper flowers - I am in the market ;)

    1. not that i know of? but it sounds like a good idea!! i just need a business card holder form my work business cards : )

      excited to see wedding photos!! <3

  2. LINA! I've been really missing your blog. Shame on me for not keeping up. I owe you a happy birthday, my sagittarius friend. Come visit soon!!

    1. CARISSA! aaahhh i miss you! i need to save money for a trip : )

      p.s. i'm a scorpio! ;)