Saturday, January 4, 2014

oh hello there

well here i am - at the start of a brand new year. 2014. i have high hopes for this year. already it is starting off quite well. miguel & i have a few goals for ourselves this year that we are encouraging each other to keep up with. one big one for both of us is being healthy. so, i've gotten back into my morning walk routine, bought some (awesome!!) workout clothes & a yoga mat, & plan on going to a free yoga class they are offering this sunday in town. i've been trying to eat better & have been really feeling a lot better - inside & out. i'm excited for this year : )

the holidays came & went way too fast. they were very, very nice & i got to try new things that may become traditions. i went to a jane austen tea with my mom. it was oh so lovely! we even participated in some old english country dancing. i had a day of baking christmas cookies with my cousins at my aunts house. i was the official gingerbread decorator & they turned out pretty great if i do say so myself - complete with bow ties, holly, & earmuffs. i spent new year's eve with miguel for the first time. it was fun! we went to a little party with laksa & monopoly & then headed to the waterfront for fireworks & a new year's kiss.

with raquel away for christmas (i miss her!), i decided to send her a photobook via shutterfly. her cat, alice, died this november while she was away & she was heartbroken. she got alice for her 6th birthday. so when i got a free book coupon from target, i wanted to put it to good use. i'm quite please with how it turned out:
                                     Click here to view this photo book larger
i got my first mail from raquel too! she sent it for my birthday, but it was a little late getting to me. it was really cute : )

now days i just want to be content with this one - eating hobbit food & shopping at target. what more could you ask for? ;)

link love:

probably the best couple photoshoot ever. 

i fell in love with these glasses.

i found this new film while browsing trailers & wasn't sure if it was strange or incredible. i'd love to know your thoughts!

i'm so excited that downton abbey is returning this sunday!


  1. Happy 2014!

    Those couple photos could make me weep. So great. Reminds me of Up. Wonder if the photographer intended it that way.

    Anyhow, gorgeous photos of yours as always. Shopping at Target is beautiful. And yes, I really want to see Her.

    1. yes, the couple photoshoot was inspired by up! : )
      let me know what you think of her! i would really like to know! maybe a blog post?? ;)

  2. I just love you! That photoshoot was so sweet and HER LOOKS SO GOOD.

    love you!

    1. :D you make me smile. love you too! let me know what you thought of her!

  3. Some gorgeous sunsets you've got there. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday and the photo book you sent your sister is so cute. Also, any time I think about Denny's now I just think of that time in Austin when we were all starving to death. Good times. :)

  4. hello Lina!
    happy new years!!!!!!
    yes my instagram is "iiimono" :-D

    so excited for downtown abbey!!!!!!!! i have to watch it online though! haha

    1. thank you!! i'm following now!
      i'm excited for the second episode now!