Saturday, January 18, 2014

vintage clothes & golden shoes

if you follow my instagram, you may have seen that i will be selling vintage a few pieces of vintage clothes on my etsy. this will be a trial run & if it goes pretty well, i may continue with it. i've collected vintage pieces over the past few years that i have really loved & am excited to be able to share them with you! i'll let you know when the shop is up & running : )

in the meantime, enjoy these "behind the scenes" photos! lizzie was kind enough to model for me & miguel was my "photoshoot assistant" ;) (he even brought us lunch!). we headed to the island in my city to use the old brick buildings as backgrounds. it really was a fun midday adventure!

after the photoshoot, miguel took me to a nice dinner with window seats & trees with lights. then we went home & watched the office.

yesterday, lizzie & i went shopping at plato's closet & i found these gold leather flats for only $3! i love them.

i wanted to sneak my golden shoes in my photos throughout the day. this one is when i got coffee & custard pie with my mom ;)

that's it for now! leaving you with love!

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  1. I hope your etsy shop goes well! :)

    And I'm falling in love with Erin's blog too.

    1. thank you!! & i'm so glad i found erin's blog!