Saturday, March 8, 2014

quiet times

hello there. march has come to this new year so fast. before i know it i will be off to thailand! i've been booking hotels/guest houses & flights to different parts of thailand (so cheap by the way - for $100 my sister & i have round trip tickets from bangkok to chiang mai round trip, for both of us, together.). i'm also in the market for an internal frame backpack & have my eye on a couple.

life has been relatively quiet lately. & i've liked it that way. it helps me fall in love with the little things that i may have otherwise missed. i've been spending some time in the yard, cleaning, mowing, & planting. on days that it is raining i love just curling up in my bed, looking out my window & listening. 

miguel came to visit one day last week & he took me out for breakfast at a cute cafe & we just sat there enjoying each other's company. he was staring at me the way he stared at me on our first date - a mixture of awe & amazement. we then went back to my place & just cuddled up, playing computer games on his new laptop & then getting chinese food at his favorite place in my city. it was such a simple day but i loved every minute of it. 

we leave on our anniversary trip tomorrow. i'm so excited : ) it's just a bummer that i just caught a cold. oh well. a little cold won't stop me!

also tomorrow, i am teaching my mom's scouting group how to make terrariums! they will be using mason jars & moss & little figurines. i have a feeling they will turn out pretty cute : )

miguel called me from target yesterday just to say that he felt weird going to target without me because we always go together. i haven't been up to visit him in a while & i think he's missing me. awww ;)

ok, those are all of the little tidbits of my life i have to share with you for now. i hope you have a lovely weekend!

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  1. March almost seems unreal. Yay for Thailand though! I'm excited for you and your sister.

    I liked the Ze Frank video. Thanks for sharing!

    (Back to homework…)

    1. thank you!! i'm super excited :D

      oh you are welcome! i thought it was worth a share!

  2. this is such a lovely little life post! thailand sounds so exciting, i hope to go there someday! hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

    1. hello sara downton! thank you! i'm glad you stopped by! i hope you are having a lovely weekend as well! come back again soon : )