Wednesday, February 19, 2014

crafting in february

 i feel like i've been crafting a lot lately & it really makes me happy. i've missed just sitting & crafting for a couple of hours. valentine's day gave me the excuse to make a few handmade cards : )

i was lucky to have some pompom wire on hand to add to my valentines. i also used the app called over to create the cards!

 lizzie, my mom, & i celebrated galentine's day together with brunch on february 13th. the one rule was that we had to come with handmade galentine cards ;)

 my mom blew both lizzie & i away with her handmade cards! (the ones she is holding in the photo aren't hers but ours)

i also made a card for miguel using a photo that he had sent me found somewhere on instagram. it was perfect because he loves squirrels & i think kitties are awesome. i added some corny wordage & that was that ;)

 he seemed to like it ;) hehe. he brought me home some valentine flowers & we cooked dinner together. we had never deep fried anything before, but everything turned out pretty well!

my shop had it's first etsy order! so i made some quick thank you notes with over & wrapped up the order all pretty : )

i've also been writing letters & getting packages together. i would really like to get some sort of zine made. i'm not quite sure about what kind of zine yet, but i would like to have something that i can trade for other zines. if any of you are zine makers, please let me know! i would like to network with you : )

one last thing - i booked my ticket to thailand! soon i'll be seeing my sister for a whole two weeks! yay!

link love:

  • i visited my pastor's home last night to drop of some of my famous peanut butter cookies for his birthday & him & his wife have two energetic boys with toys around like they were having some serious fun. when i have kids, i think this collection of tips will be quite useful.
  • i am in love with this kitchen. (i probably wouldn't want it for myself, but i am in love with it just the same.)
  • these towels just seem so cool & stylish. i want one. or many ;)
  • i have a package of gnocchi in the cupboard & i think i'll be making this recipe with it soon.
  • i'm on kind of an air plant kick & am looking for a project for my arts & crafts group. this project might be a possibility for next month.
  • loved these scarf styles from a cup of jo!
  • i'll be making a trip to this new gallery/vintage shop/coffee shop/workshop in the near future!


  1. All of those cards turned out so great! Ugh so many blogger family folk are so incredibly crafty and it's so great and also makes me feel inferior in comparison. You guys are so cool. And I'm glad that you and Miguel had a lovely day together!

    1. thanks natalie! i feel the same way sometimes! but gotta love the diy!

      p.s. YOU are so cool.

  2. Awww...thats fun! Making cards for each other...awesome! :) I'm excited for your trip to Thailand! It's one of my favorite places in the world! :)

    1. it is?? you must tell me some places to visit!