Saturday, February 8, 2014


it's been raining lately! this makes mostly really happy as i love the rain & the way it makes me feel (cozy). what i am discovering i don't love about the rain is driving in it. i had to drive the hour back home from miguel's in rain & fog so bad that i could barely see the car in front of me. not fun.

but what i do love is my grapefruit spoon ;)

also, i love euphorbia lactea cristata. when i went to a canning workshop (& made some cans & jellies!), a lady had this one with her. i loved how it looked. she called it a mutant plant because it was grafted. i wanted one. so, when i was at home depot this past week with my parents, my mom found one! so below with the yellow background is my new mutant plant : )

 i was at home depot picking up supplies for my arts & crafts project meeting that lizzie & i teach. we made sea creature magnets using this diy project from design sponge. unfortunately the silver paint didn't dry right, but the gold turned out great! plus it was so simple.

i have another app to share with you! paperless post has an app that i think is pretty awesome. it has a ton of paperless greetings that you can send out: invites, birthday cards, valentines day cards, etc. they even have a pretty fulfilling free section : ) i made this card for miguel, just for fun. (we celebrated two years together on thursday! but more on that in another post.)
i also want to share this brilliant amelie inspired video that rachel rector made to kickstart her campaign. i've been following rachel's blog since 2010 & it has been neat to watch her love of making lingerie grow.

that's all for tonight. stay warm & cozy in this rain!


  1. Those sea creature magnets are adorable! They look like they'd make the perfect crafty gift. :)

    I'm okay if it doesn't rain in Minnesota for a while -- I imagine it would only be colder if it did.

    1. yes, they would! i think they just look so classy in gold ;)