Saturday, February 1, 2014

ending january

 january was a pretty good month. i've been trying to enjoy the little things in life. i've been doing alright with my resolutions. could be doing better, but i'm not discouraged. i'm trying & that's what counts. i've been using the app called lift to help me stay on track by counting each day i "check in" to a specific goal like "morning walk" or "drink more water". although i've been forgetting to actually count my successes with the app, i still recommend it.

i've been cherishing the time spent with my parents as i know that once i get a job & eventually move out, i'll be seeing them less & less. sunday breakfast & exploring is always fun : )
 i spent this past week at miguel's. it wasn't planned, but it was a nice surprise. miguel just switched his major from accounting to architecture & i couldn't be more excited. while he was good at accounting, architecture was more of his passion. i think it is a good change for him & he is actually thrilled for this semester.

while miguel was in class, i spent most of my time on campus with him but in the library, watching parenthood (just got addicted to this show!), applying to jobs & reading old books i never finished & anthology issue 12 with a spread of katie's lovely home.

 when miguel wasn't in class, we were out eating bento box & bibimbap & going to architecture events like documentary film screenings & gallery openings.

when we weren't out & about, we were home having heart-to-hearts & watching the office. we are on the last season now & are trying to figure out what we will watch next. any suggestions?

this week is our two year anniversary & we have a mini trip in the works. we won't be taking our trip until march, but it's exciting to plan : )

& that is the end of january! i'll leave you with some love.

also, happy february!

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  1. Hey Lina...I shall check out this app you talk about...:) But keep it's the small things make you go "aha...that's why I'm still here on this earth." :) Miss you...and good luck with the job hunt! *hugs*

    1. hii!!! thanks for the encouragement : ) miss you!!!