Sunday, February 9, 2014

two years

 miguel & i celebrated two years together on february 6th! we spent the day together, beginning to end. he had to get to campus early to work on an architecture project, so we picked up breakfast at starbucks on the way.
 miguel's second class was cancelled so he surprised me with ramen!

 we have a trip that we will be taking soon for our two year anniversary when we both have days off of work. so for the actual day, miguel had the cute idea to reenact our very first date ;)

now, i didn't realize we were on our first date when were. it kind of just happened. he had asked me to go to target with him to help him pick out christmas gifts for his nieces. then he asked me if i was hungry & we went to california pizza kitchen. after dinner he said he wanted to do something else with me, so we went to a movie. & that was that.

& that is just what we did to celebrate! a trip to target, dinner at california pizza kitchen, & monuments men. we bought each other candles from target ;) it was overall a really cute night.

here's to many more anniversaries!