Saturday, February 7, 2015

terrarium making

this christmas, i decided to make terrariums for all of my close friends. it was such an adventure & so much fun. i got a pack of 100 tiny train model people for $12 on amazon, tiny succulents from home depot, & lots & lots of glass containers from thrift stores for $1 each, & put it all together. i thought they turned out pretty great :)

i am so into terrariums now haha. i was even tempted to take some furry moss & lichen home with me when i visited the redwoods recently at a state park. i didn't, but i really wanted to...!
i'm pretty sure the next zine i make will be on terrariums. stay tuned!

in other news...
  • i've been sick for a week with this cold that i just can't shake. going to work with it isn't fun. at all.
  • i made vegan chocolate chip cookies today. they were just ok.
  • i have to work this weekend at my second job, which means i will be working for 12 days straight. sigh.
  • i've been listening to audiobooks that i get from the library while i drive to & from work. pretty neat set up if i do say so myself.


  1. I am so excited for the new zine! 😀

    1. me too. i think i'll try to start & finish it this summer & m a y b e get a table at the sf zine fest to sell!