Monday, March 21, 2016

here i am

I've always said that my blog would be for me & not the other way around. So when I started to feel like I wanted to blog again & when Luis mentioned that I should try to get back into it, I decided I would. There are so many new things happening in my life. Alas I write this, I'm at the airport, about to board a plane to India. Crazy. Anyways, here is a tiny update on my life: I got a full time position with the school district writing science curriculum & working in the classrooms. I just got prequalified to buy a house that even though looks like the right thing to do, I still get nauseous thinking about. I now have a caring & thoughtful boyfriend. Our meeting seems providential. I continuously pray that God continues to bless us & each of us in our own lives.
& now I'm going to end this post short because I want to get some breakfast before I board. I hope you all are doing well:)


  1. I hope you're having a blast in India! I love seeing your Instagram posts (as always). <3
    Yay for blogging again! <3