Tuesday, August 9, 2016


i suppose one of the reasons it has taken me so long to write again is that the last thing i wrote about was getting on a plane to india. well, i am back & honestly i didn't like india that much. hence my hesitation to write about my time there. probably the top thing that i did not like about india was the insecurity i felt traveling as a woman not accompanied by a man. i had never felt that way before in my life, and i detested it. although it soured my opinion about traveling in india, i am glad i experienced it, as so many other women in the world feel this way on a daily basis.

while there were things i didn't enjoy in india, there were also things i enjoyed about my time there. i got to see the brilliant taj mahal (the above photos were taken there), the delicious food (although i did get sick at the end of my trip & a week after being back home), the bright fabrics splashed throughout, and the beautiful top floor room my sister & i got to stay at in jaipur. while i would never go to india again, i am still glad i went. it was for the experience.

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  1. Everyone I know who's been to India has gotten some sort of food poisoning... sorry you also had to go through that!