Tuesday, August 9, 2016

new york

well, luis & i just got back from new york two days ago & we loved every minute of it. we packed in quite a bit of things in five days/four nights (empire state building, times square, american museum of natural history, 9/11 memorial, statue of liberty, the high line, brooklyn bridge, central park, grand central station, & more) and walked about 12 miles a day, but it was all just magical. we had coffee & sweets at the cutest cafes, had a fancy dinner at anthony bourdain's old restaurant les halles, ate delicious street food, and took the subway like pros. luis even decided that he would like to live there one day. 

with everything we did & saw, one thing stood out about new york - it's kindness. we were in awe as we witnessed time and time again, new yorkers preforming random acts of kindness. you could visually see the neighborhood camaraderie. people look out for each other in new york. i love that. 

 me in front of the american museum of natural history - night at the museum!
 my favorite meal of the trip - kati roll $6
 luis finally got his blue coffee cup

 i think spreading love is the new york way
we took the staten island ferry to see the statue of liberty for free! 

 kisses on the brooklyn bridge
manhattan skyline

it was here in new york, on the subway actually, that luis encouraged me to start blogging again. so here i am, spreading the word on how magical new york is. also, new york can be very affordable. we spent around $700 total for both our plane tickets, we stayed with my friend abbie, we used the subway or walked for all of our transportation (an unlimited week pass is $31), & most of the places we went were free or by donation (pay what you want). we spent most of our money on food & that's ok with us :) we will definitely be back again.


  1. Ah looks like you guys had so much fun! Glad to see you blogging again Lina!


    and yay! I'm also glad to see you blogging again!!

    letter reply coming soon, m'dear :)