Monday, August 16, 2010

mini reno visit

i went for a short visit to wendy in reno a few days ago. as always, the visit was nice with home cooked vegan food & thrift store shopping. one of the thrift stores we went to had the most amazing dressing rooms. the room we went in had a beautiful carpet, vintage plush chair, neat curtains, & awesome walls covered with vintage magazine cut-outs. we couldn't resist taking some (semi-dorky) photos : )& of course we had catch lunch before we left at the pneumatic diner, specializing in all vegetarian dishes.


yellowblue: i learned how to make paper when i was around ten years old at an activity class one summer. also i touched up what i knew by watching this video. it kind of looks like a berry smoothie doesn't it?! haha.

melly: i am still amazed about the good price i got on the picnic baskets. the pulp does look a bit yummy huh? : ) blog about it if you end up making paper!

sheer whimsy: hello! how awesome : ) thank you. how do you know abbie?

thy lady: aww thanks. i glad it makes sense to you. blog about making paper if you do!

blackswan: hello! i'm so happy you found me : ) & i'm glad you like what i make. i'll be sure to stop by your blog too.

micaela: eeee! i love the mugs too. vintage mugs are one of your collections? nice! i like it.

dandelionkisses: : ) we should go on a picnic with the new baskets.

inside the cabinet of wonder: haha i thought you might like that one! (it's actually glass) isn't it pretty?

cap'n niknak: hello! yes, paper! thanks for reading : )


  1. the food looks so yummy!!!

    stop by sometime<3