Friday, August 6, 2010

new things

i've had this idea in my head for a while to make a little bag for my ipod. when i clean the house, i like to listen to my ipod, but i don't always have pockets to hold my ipod. so, i decided to finally try to make a small bag just for my ipod.
i really didn't know what i was doing, but i did know that i wanted to be able to button the bag closed so my ipod wouldn't fall out. i don't know how to make button holes, so i decided to use a button & button hole that was already made. hence, i used a thrifted shirt i got for $1 for the fabric. i think it turned out pretty cute : ) i finished watching new york, i love you & i actually liked it more than paris, je t'ame (i know, i know. lots of people like paris more). it had a lot of cute stories. i especially liked this one with orlando bloom & christina ricci. here is the segment from the movie:

inside the cabinet of wonder: hi hi. : ) things are ok right now. not amazing, but ok. when it does come to you, definitely see it!
brit: hehe! yes inception! wasn't it like mind boggling?? so good. so good.
i'm alive dancing naked: hello! :D
make it easy: yup yup : )
linda: haha! of course!
amy: yes see it. lot's of cute stories. have you seen paris, je t'ame?
thy lady: oh it seems like a movie you would like! : )


  1. Omigoodness Lina! That is thee cutest little purse thingy! You're so smart.
    And I love that fabric :)

  2. nice idea :D

  3. You're the first person I know who like the New york one better than the Paris one. but there were some lovely moments in the New York one, and I'm really happy they decided to continue on with this type of movie.

    wow! I love that ipod cover case-bag! I love the pattern! I think you should make more and add them to your etsy! :)

  4. I have seen Paris, Je T'ame. I loved it. I can't wait to see New York I Love You! I think it's an instant on netfilx so I'll watch it soon :)

    That is the cutest idea ever. The fabric is so pretty!

  5. i love this! i have piles of scrap fabric...i should totally try it!

    <3 btw, the food photos from reno made me so hungry!