Tuesday, August 3, 2010

two things

i attended petunia's lovely wedding this weekend. weddings always make me happy : )

these photos below are of the view through my grandmother's dirty window at the hospital. she's been there since last week : /


b r i: hello! aww thank you : ) & you have lavender in your yard?? how nice! yes, you should really make some sachets!

linda: the green stuff is part of the little onions we grilled.

amy: yay! hehe.

dandelionkisses: lol. i knew you were going to say something about that : )

-alaina: hey!! so good you are back! : ) hope all is well.


  1. wedding sounds fun! sorry about your grandmother though, hope she will get better soon.

  2. Weddings are always wonderful occasions!
    I'm so sorry your grandmother's in the hospital. Hope she's well soon! She's in my thoughts and prayers :)