Friday, July 30, 2010

pretty fabric & new sachets

i made some new sachets today with some pretty fabric for my shop. this time they are lavender rose petal sachets. my favorite one is the one with the little umbrellas : ) i just added them to the shop!


  1. So pretty! As soon as this job pays off I know what I'm doing :)

  2. so lovely! Yes! I've been meaning to make little satchels for all of the sage and lavender in my yard! So wonderful to see that someone else jumped to it. Maybe I will too now

  3. Hi Lina! I've decided to re-enter the blog world. Haha! Love the sachets, I've always wanted to make some of these!

  4. just happened to stumble upon your blog...i love how your soo creative and making all different things! these sachets are darling, will take a look at your shop

    a new follower! come by for a visit or follow too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan