Tuesday, July 13, 2010

surprise surprise

i've been quite busy these last few days! remember the lavender i picked? i harvested the buds & sewed little sachets with them. i've been making many little handmade things to sell in...

my new shop!
i've opened a shop on etsy to sell vintage finds & handmade things like lavender sachets & books with pockets.
i'm really excited! i'll be posting the link to it soon (i just have to get it all ready), but until then, i'll be hosting a giveaway for my 300th post (!!!) & for my shop opening. i am giving away one of the lavender sachets i made. all you have to do to have a chance to win it is comment below & answer these questions:
1) what would you like to see more of on my blog? (recipes, thrifting finds, food, adventures, ...etc.)
2) what is your favorite song right now?

below is the sachet one of you will win! i'll be choosing the winner on monday, july 26th. hope you enter!in other news, i just got back from seeing eclipse. it was pretty good. (i mean, you gotta love the wolf pack : ))replies:
dandelionkisses: yeah... something like that. & yeah they are cleaning blood lol. their job is to clean up crime scenes & places where people die & leave a mess.
yellowblue: me too! pumpkin is simply a secret ingredient.
amy: loved the royal tenenbaums! sunshine cleaning was not bad either : )
g: hello! i'm so happy you like it : ) i just discovered mumford & sons & am in love with them! they are really, really good. thanks for following :o)
allison: thanks! it turned out better than i thought it would.
broom people: wow! that is super exciting. the bag is the one i saw in flight 001 here! i really want to get one now : )
rachel / red lips vintage: they are very delicious : ) & if we are ever in the area we would totally make you some!
make it easy: the royal tenenbaums was great! i still have to see me and you and everyone we know.


  1. Oh yes, I remember you telling me about the crime scene movie. And I love your sachets, I want to enter :) And I would like to see more recipes thank you, and my favorite song right this moment is....Cherry Pie ;) and, uh, oh yeah, WOLF PACK!

  2. aah! How exciting! An etsy shop! I will definitely pay a visit! You make such adorable things! Sending best wishes your way.

    The movies you borrowed are an excellent choice. Miranda July is lovely in that movie, but it's an okay movie. I love sunshine cleaning and royal tenenbaums.

    Love twilight! The action scenes were amazing.

    Re: your reply, yes I'm leaving first week of August to an island north of Australia, called Vanuatu. Can't wait. I love Winter too, hot chocolate, tights, blankets, but it just gets too cold sometimes.thank you for the well wishes.

  3. oh i forgot to answer your questions..excuse the double post.

    1. i love your thrifting finds and your recipes
    2. my favourite song right now is mykonos by fleet foxes.

  4. Yes The Royal Tenenbaums is definitely on my list of favorite films :)
    How neat! Those sachets look lovely, and an Etsy! Hooray!

    1. I'm definitely for you posting more thrifting finds! You always have the best luck!
    2. My favorite song right now is probably "Exogenesis Symphony:Part III Redemption" by Muse

  5. 1) I love reading your updates, whether they are adventures, recipes or about food. Something I'd like to read more about by you are Movies!! Especially since it seems we have quite similar taste ;)

    2) This changes quite often, but right this minute probably "Song for a friend" by Jason Mraz, "The Hat" by Ingrid Michaelson and "Unarmed" by Maria McManus


  6. 1) I actually love pretty much everything you post but I especially love the adventures and thrifting finds!
    2) It's always so hard to just pick ONE favorite song but I've had this song on repeat for days -
    "You And I" by Washed Out. It's beautiful!

    Love the sachet, by the way!! ^_^

  7. Mmmmm lavendar. :)

    Love the thrifting finds, but of course I'd love to hear about anything. :] Ooh, and recipes too.

    Favorite song? It's just going to be what I'm listening to right now, because it's impossible for me to pick a favorite. ;) Bach Cello Suit No. 1 by Yo-Yo Ma. That man is incredible.

  8. oh this is pretty :)

    love the thrifting finds!

    my favourite song at the moment is anything by regina spektor - i saw her live a few months ago and havent stopped listening to her since... she was amazing!

    kel x