Sunday, July 25, 2010

a little update

i'm back a couple of days early! camping was an adventure, but i'm going to rewind a bit & show you a meal i made a couple of days before i left for camping. as i mentioned earlier, i tried out a recipe that rachel posted on her blog for vegan creamy tomato & basil pasta. i used fresh basil from my mother's garden. the dish was a m a z i n g ! i loved it. i recommend you try it : ) camping was an adventure : ) we were camping about three minutes from a town, so we went to town quite a few times for fun. it's a cute town & we went to bookstores (one had cute little red striped baskets for shopping with), a flea market that sold a lot of vintage things, & a farmer's market with booths of fresh fruits & fresh veggies & vegetarian food & arts & crafts (all = fantastic!). here are a few photos: while we were in town one day, i took a clue from some other bloggers & saw inception. wow, i was sure happy i did. it was incredible! go see it. it's mind blowing & intense. joseph gordon-levitt rocked the screen. yeah....i really liked it : ) come back tomorrow for the giveaway winner! (still time to enter)


linda, amy, rachel / red lips vintage, kid., inna: thanks for your happy trip wishes! they made me happy : )

laura: hello! aww : ) i'm so glad you like the music. i just discovered mumford & sons. i love them!

indie.tea: hello! woa! lavender cupcakes?? how cool is that! i'm going to check it out :o)

amy: yay! maybe you will be my first customer : ) & you should really try the tomato basil pasta. divine. oh man, you can play that muse song on the piano?? so cool.

jessica: oh wow a dress! how nice. i think that may make it even better : )

thy lady: yes yes, they are just like the ones i sent you! i'm so glad you are back. missed reading your comments : )

allison: dude. inception. wow. i am so happy you recommended it. & yes! jgl & e page were my favorites too! (& the guy with the accent : ))

linda: we do have similar tastes in movies! : ) i love ingrid michaelson.

kittycat: ok! i'm going to check out that song... thanks!


  1. I have some basil, I'm going to make that sauce! I didn't know he was in that, now I must see it! Joseph Gordan-Levitt!

  2. such an amazing adventure!!
    ps, let me come with you to next year's sandiego comic con, i have always wanted to go. its a plan! :) xx

  3. Everything looks so lovely! It sure looked like a couple of fun days! I love the pasta & the woods look so stunning! I want to see Inception too! I've heard SO many good reviews & now yours is the 100th good one so it's a must! ;)

  4. Hi Lina,
    I'm wondering if you wanna do a guest post for my blog? E-mail me ;))


  5. looks like it was a fun trip! (with good food mmmmm!!) it's been ages since I've had smores!

  6. the picnic table looks ideal. complete with red and white checkered tablecloth.

  7. Wasn't Inception fantastic?
    And Joseph Gordon Levitt.... wow.
    Yeah I've been working on it for awhile now. It's not perfect but it's getting there :)