Tuesday, July 27, 2010

cooking with julie & julia

i'm watching julie & julia while cooking (& eating!) dinner tonight : )
i've had so many people say i should watch it & now i am finally.
did you see it? like it?

dandelionkisses: yes you must see it! text me after you see it & tell me what you think : ) & how was the creamy tomato basil pasta??
inside the cabinet of wonder: oh yes!! we must go to it together for sure! it's a plan : )
thy lady: let me know when you see inception & what you think. especially about the ending!
linda: thanks for thinking of me : )
brit: oh yes, smores! i don't really like smores, but i do like roasted marshmallows : )
yellowblue: a family friend had us over for lunch & she had the perfect little picnic table set up. she loves hosting little meal parties : )


  1. I love that movie. The book was wonderful as well :)

  2. Oh that was a good movie! I loved Julia's life in Europe. It's like my dream.

  3. ...I know it's a chick flick, but I enjoyed it... plus it's a movie about a blogger...awesome

  4. i loved that movie so much, it's so cute and somewhat inspiring.

  5. yes and it's inspiring, i like how'd they portrait julia's life. Very positive and optimistic :)

  6. I absolutely adore Julie & Julia :D