Friday, July 9, 2010


i picked some lavender to use as part of a surprise i am working on. i'll let you know about it soon hopefully : )
life has been kind of crazy, weird, & blah, all at the same time. strange.
i made this mosaic pot yesterday using broken ceramic plates. i am quite pleased with how it turned fourth of july was nice. it was pretty windy & a bit cold that day. lately i have been surprised it is summer, because it has been quite chilly! wendy & i made pumpkin empanaditas a few days before she left to go back home after staying with me for a month. my favorite part when making them is twisting them close.i went to the library the other day & got:sunshine cleaningthe royal tenenbaumsme and you and everyone we know

i'm excited to watch them!

i'll be back soon (hopefully) as i want to host a giveaway! so check back : )


  1. Oh, darling I am sad life is like that for you. :( missing keychain? Wow, were they cleaning blood? Lol. Nice. Yay empanaditas! Yummo.And your pot turned out quite nicely.

  2. ohh, the empanaditas sound delicious. i love everything pumpkin.

  3. Both Sunshine Cleaning and The Royal Tenenbaums are good :)
    Mmmm I love the smell of lavender.

  4. just stumbled onto your blog and I really like it!! having mumford & sons playing in the background made me stay read through lots of old posts! I'm following you now :)

    the lavender picture is lovely. and sunshine cleaning is such a sweet film, i really liked it.


  5. The pot you made looks really good.
    Have fun watching the movies. :]

  6. I am very excited! We will be going to live in Berlin but not until next year. And #3 bag is by Fjallraven they are so pretty! I am interested to see what your lavender project is going to be!

  7. pumpkin!!? ummm delicious! i want you ladies to cook for me sometime :)

  8. thanks for commenting on my blog!!

    all great movies! TRT and MAYAEWK are two of my FAVOURITE films ever!!
    saw sunshine cleaning with my sister, hmmm i had mixed reviews about it. hahah

  9. lavender is such a refreshing and relaxing scent. i love it, unfortunately, my boyfriend is not much of a fan.

    all three of those movies are fantastic. i actually just made a post yesterday about me and you and everyone we know.