Sunday, October 11, 2009

puppy glee

jubilee had her puppies yesterday morning! four silky white babies : ) three boys & one girl. they are so adorable!
really good m&m ice cream bar!
today was full of studying & doing my homework for tomorrow & later on in the week. i'm trying to get most of it done because i am taking an early thursday morning flight with my sister's boyfriend to go visit her at the university for four days. it will be his first plane ride! hehe : )

i don't know if you've heard of it or even watched it before, but i am loving the new show glee! it's so funny & always has great musical performances on it. & i think the guidance counselor "celebrity judge" looks like a blythe doll : ) anyways, last episode had two great performances & i thought i'd share them with you. in this episode the guys & girls in the school's glee club have a mash-up competition where they combined two songs into one. also, they all cheated a bit by taking "energy boosters." that's why they are really hyper :o) enjoy!

you can see full episodes here!


  1. I'm pretty much squealing with delight over the cuteness those puppies are exuding!

    Glee is aces. I'm an official Gleek! I am big musical nerd so it is a dream come true to have a series with so much performance.

    Have a great time seeing your sister : )

  2. wow! puppies! how amazing! i want to know a dog that has puppies because otherwise you don't get to see them when they are all small and fuzzy

  3. oh my goodness, they are wonderful! such cute little puppies!!!! :)
    man...that ice cream looks AMAZING!
    ah i really wanna watch glee, but havnt got round to it...i will very very soon!!! :)
    have lots of fun hanging out with your sis! :)

  4. Everyone is becoming obsessed with glee! That's if they're not officially obsessed yet!

  5. So Cute! My friend's mom breeds dogs for a living and I got to help birth the puppies one year...there is nothing quite as special as seeing new life!

    Mmm...your ice-cream is making me hungry :)

    Have yet to see Glee, but my cousin is obsessed!

  6. Aww puppies, so wrinkly & cute!! Hope you've been well Lina & that you haven't had too much homework. ^__^
    I love Glee so much too! Think you must be a bit ahead in the US, because we've only just seen the football team do the Single Ladies routine (I think that will make me laugh for the rest of my life). ^__^

  7. oh noooo!!
    i have not had any package from you! :(
    oh dear. and i know that you sent it a while ago..oh dear.

  8. I heart Glee aswell, its a good one. Hows everything going by the way

  9. lina lina lina! i got my letter from you today!!!!! thank you ever so much.
    the post has been super bad over here at the moment. i will be writing back straight away!
    thank you!

  10. oh my thise puppies make my heart melt! they are so sweet!!!!

  11. Awh gorgeous puppies eee! :D

    Oh yes those date stamps are just too cool! I shall date stamp your next postcard next time ha! :P

    P.S. Am trying out the ink powder, just wondering do I use a normal feather ie. from a bird or am I suppose to buy one? hehe :P I'm such a noob! :P

    xoxo Jennifer.