Tuesday, October 20, 2009

right now

i'm feeling a tad under the weather today so i'm staying in bed to work on homework (i love laptops!).
it definitely feels like autumn has arrived! this morning i woke up to thick fog all around my house. it got me all giddy inside : )
i just watched paris, je t'aime. really neat! now i want to see new york, i love you which just came out in theaters!
i'm thinking of adding music to my blog again....what do you think??


  1. loves paris, je t'aime. i watched it about a month ago. wonderful :)

    i love it when people have music on their blogs. <3

  2. Get better soon! How great is having a doona wrapped around you whilst typing away? Very!
    I like music on blogs (thought you had great taste).

  3. Music music! Aww feel better my darling :) Miss you.

  4. I'm usually pleasantly surprised with the music I find on blogs. Go for it!

    I have yet to see the entirty of either of those movies, though I'm hoping to soon. Feel better!

  5. I just wish I'd quit my job and stay in bed!

  6. Oh hope you get better - get plenty of rest & yes having the good olde laptop is always a bonus whilst your in bed all day! :)

    Eeeeeee! I want to watch New York, I love you too! I saw the trailer & it just looks like a beautiful movie! (gah, so many good movies out my list is seriously filling up!) :P

    P.S. Thanks for the tip with the feather - I'll try it out ;)

    P.P.S. You've never had a Kinder Surprise! No way! :O I do wonder if America has 'em aye! Oh I should send some over to you - but I'm not even sure if you can even send food via mail :/ Hrmms.. Haha! You've gotta try it - perhaps if you stumble by it some day ;)


  7. I would so want Gaspard in the NY movie..highly doubtful, huh? Oh, hope you feel better soon.

  8. New music very welcome, I love your playlists! Get well soon!

  9. I wish I could stay in bed all day!! :)

  10. hope you're better by now. thanks a lot for the mention! and have to say, always like the songs you choose!

  11. oh get well soon lina! i am thinking of you! :)
    (your letter will be posted soon, just having problems with the post office over here, people on strike and such).
    oh i loved that movie, and i cannot wait for new york, i love you! :) eek. :)
    i loved it when you had music, it always made me smile.
    feel better soon