Tuesday, October 6, 2009

friendship bread & puppies

my mom is baking more amish friendship bread right now & it smells so good! i can't wait for it to be finished.
guess what! jubilee will be having puppies soon : ) look at her belly!
i have some other fun news that i'll post about soon!
also, i received some exciting awards! i'll post about them next time though.
it's been getting really cold at night & i keep having to bring extra blankets onto my bed because my loft gets really drafty!
keep warm everyone!


  1. That bread (batter? mix? lol) looks amazing. I thought it was pumpkin from the thumbnail at first.
    Awww, I've always wanted my dog to get pregnant just because the birth of puppies seems like something you just have to witness before you die.

  2. yum, that bread sounds great!
    awww jubilee is having puppies!! thats amazing! :) send her my love!

  3. Man I knew she was preggo! Mmmmm that bread is so good!!

  4. Awww! Puppies! Hooray!
    Mmm...that bread sounds so yummy...

  5. Soooo. I need to plan fun things for you! haha. Im sure things'll come up to do for that weekend. But, I usually dont know what im doing till the weekend. I know there will be universals on sunday. Anyways, im not close enough to garrett to just be all, "hey cook me and my sister dinner". lol. haha. But, the top of the world is this place where you drive to where there's great views of the city. Super pretty. Anyways, i want to call you and talk about this guy isreal......

  6. Congrats to Jubilee! Pretty name, btw! I bet the little puppies are gonna look like small balls of wool!
    Denmark is also getting colder. But I refuse to turn on the heat. It's only October. It doesn't seem right.

  7. Im curious about the bread.... hmm...

  8. *Gasp* Lol, Lina! That is awesome! Thank you! I must have it. Lol. And the first link worked strangely.