Saturday, May 24, 2014

mansions & one pot wonders

so i finished converting my thesis into a journal article. it took me two full days & by the end of it i was so done with my thesis. miguel was great though - keeping me sane & cooking me food. i took two hours off of writing & took him on a surprise day trip to the leland stanford mansion. it has great architecture & thought it would be a great way to celebrate the end of miguel's first semester of architecture. it was just the two of us on the tour so it was nice (like a private tour!), but i was too shy to take photos inside the mansion & the sun was too bright to get a good photo of the whole house. so you get what you get i guess! it was quite beautiful & we enjoyed all of the greenery outside as well.

 we made one of the one pot wonder dishes i told you about in the last post! we made the spinach & artichoke one. it's crazy how easy it is & it turned out pretty good. needed a little salt in my opinion & we added some parmesan cheese & red pepper flakes (well, miguel did).

sorry about the unedited iphone photos! i'm just a bit lazy today, writing from a hotel room on a road trip with my family : )


  1. Maybe I am just emotionally unstable with my brother graduating and all, but the two photos of you and Miguel were too cute.

    I love blog posts like this. Much love.

    1. thanks so much lizzie : ) i like them too. i love the way he looks at me.