Wednesday, May 7, 2014


i'm back from thailand! it was such a great adventure & my sister & i did so many things. i met a blogger friend, pet baby tigers, & visited the breathtaking grand palace. we went to temples & saw the emerald buddha. we visited hill tribes & saw the karen long neck villagers. we rode tuk tuks, songthaews, minivans, taxi scooters, taxis, ferries, & planes & visited three cities. we ate thai, mexican, italian, japanese, greek, spanish, & western food. i got sick only once. & it wasn't just the heat, but the humidity also that really got to me. i experienced songkran & got soaked with water. i experienced going to a thai cinema & visited the cutest cafes. my sister & i packed so many things into those two weeks & i loved that she got to show me a little bit of where she has lived since september. it was a good trip.

there are so many photos of my trip, so i may be coming back here with little excerpts to show you. thanks for hanging in there while i was gone!

1. the grand palace
2. me in the temple at the grand palace
3. raquel & bougainvillea on the way from our guest room in bangkok. 
4. eating at an outdoor noodle shop called lung lek that is popular among locals in ayutthaya. the meal we had was about $2. total.


  1. So many fantastic adventures I have enjoyed seeing on Instagram as well! Oh my goodness, it sounds like you had such an amazing amazing time and got to have so many fantastic experiences. AHHH so excited to hear more about your trip!

    1. thank you, natalie!! i did have an amazing time & i'll have to share what i can of my trip. it may take me a while! keep a look out haha.