Monday, May 19, 2014

yesterday & today & tomorrow

yesterday i spent most of the day giving my poor car a much needed bath & reading dan brown's the lost symbol. sadly i'm a very slow reader, so it takes me a while to get through books. this book though - it's a definite page turner. i started reading it when i was in thailand staying at this neat guest house that had lots of nooks & comfy places to read & a whole corner of books. the lost symbol  was basically the only book in english, & i was wanting something to relax at the beach with. so i began reading it. & i really got into it. i wanted to take it with me, but since i'd never stole something before, i didn't exactly want to start then. so when i got back home, one of the first things i did was take a trip to the thrift store with lizzie & found myself a copy. at 639 pages, i'm not even halfway through. i'm kind of glad though. i don't want the story to end too soon.

today, after swimming laps with my sister, i went shopping with my mom at target. we found these sleeveless merona tops that were $6 at 40% off. i loved the striped one & picked that one out for myself. i can't wait to wear it tomorrow.

tomorrow i am working in the morning & then visiting miguel for a few days. i'm escaping to his place for a quiet space to convert my thesis into a journal article for a job i'm applying to. it's a bit of a daunting task to do in a couple of days, but i'm going for it. i also think we will be cooking one of these wonders & getting excited for somebody's birthday next week ;)

p.s. also excited for somebody's wedding on saturday! oh love.


  1. I was at Target yesterday too! That top looks super nice. I picked up a pair of legging/pant things and they are super comfortable.

    Happy reading!

    1. love target! also love leggings/pant things hehe. so comfy!

  2. I have been dropping cash at Target recently, too. Their basics sections are usually so good that I can't pass up $6-$12 pieces even if I know they'll only last a season... Working on the Un-Fancy attitude ;)

    I hope you have fun at Miguel's! I always love your Instagram posts.


    1. haha target is so scary in that way! i go there to pick up qtips & come out with like $25 worth of things without even realizing it. scary!

      yay unfancy!