Thursday, June 25, 2009

beach, werewolf, & comics

the talented xavia has made this really cute & magical drawing for me! what do you think? isn't it wonderful? it's called werewolf and girl. i love it:] thanks xavia!

our father's day celebration was very nice. i gave papi little colognes & wrapped them in the father's day comics:] papi loves barnes & noble, so we went there for the day! i bought another moleskine for when mine is all used up, some mad libs, & this book. it's a really neat book.yesterday i went to the beach with my friends. it was so windy & cold, but still fun:] we gathered wood & built a bonfire & listened to abbie while she read extremely loud & incredibly close by jonathan safran foer. it was perfect:]xavia: you know what, i'll just mail you some again. just send me your new address. also, i'll see what i can do as far as making you a small book for drawing :o)
perfectly placed pauline: oh thanks! yeah i'm pretty happy with it. it makes me even more inspired:] if you make some books yourself, i want to see them!
janessalynne: should make a craft corner anyway! :D & you could totally make your own little devotional book by typing & printing out your little posts & then i could bind them for you!
penelope: i love the suitcase too! i bought it at a thrift store but i wasn't sure what to do with it. then i had this craft idea!
brinja: photos are coming soon! :]


  1. Love the drawing. And that was so brilliant to wrap them in the comics! Love love love. And man that looks like a blast! I feel so sad I am all alone at home and have not been doing anything fun with anyone. *Sigh* But alas I cannot do much of anything about it. I will come visit for a week! I am going to plan it. Be prepared! Hehehe :) Ooooolala do I see Raquel and Tristan? :P

  2. That drawing is brilliant! 'Yep, just having a casual skip in the forest with a werewolf.'

  3. that would be really nice
    and i'm also planning to send you something back too :)
    my new address is
    Veliko Tarnovo 5000
    "Ilarion Dragostinov" 7, bl.22, mailbox 12
    for Adriana Ivanova